AVZUR joined the Green Learning Network, a global network of universities and training institutions

Dear AVZUR members, we are happy to inform you that we joined the Green Learning Network – a dedicated space where education and training professionals from around the world can find a range of green learning resources and events, share information, ask advice, and learn from one another. Launched by the GGKP and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with support from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), the Green Learning Network (GLN) aims to inform, inspire, and innovate while facilitating partnerships and collaboration around green learning.

On November 3rd,  Akylai Muktarbek kyzy as a representative of AVZUR Secretariat participated as a speaker in the GGKP webinar where the Green Learning Network was introduced.

Here are few updates and some calls to action related to GLN:

What’s Available Now: The Green Learning Network is now live on the GGKP website! You can access the main landing page here, where you will find links to the Learning Hubevents, and the online community. For the time being, the GLN have decided to move forward with using LinkedIn as a community space to connect, discuss, and share information and resources. They will continue to explore other platforms and remain open to additional suggestions.

Please note that GLN communications will be primarily in English, however the GLN welcome collaboration with members to host events or develop posts in other languages.

Calls to action for everyone in order to help this community succeed:

  1. Subscribe to the GLN Newsletter – the first newsletter will be going out in a few weeks. Please subscribe to the newsletter here if you have not already done so.
  2. Join the LinkedIn Group: Please join the LinkedIn group where you can find other educators from the network
  3. Help start the conversation on LinkedIn.


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